No Interviews Please

…I have been reduced to words on paper. First I am an age and then I am what I have done. I am asked no questions, dreams no longer apply, and learning no longer an option.

…Maturing over time with knowledge I have gained. In the middle of life, but considered too old to dream. I am not supposed to be striving for its time to rest before I die. Life should be in order, struggles put behind.

…Life, as it may, has stepped on and over me during my course in time. I have gained experience, wisdom, and character irrelevant though it seems. Although not young , I tell you; I am not knocking on death’s door. I still strive to expand my knowledge, invite improvement of myself, and appreciate what has been given to me.

…Life has endings and beginnings throughout our journey in life. There are no rules or time tables as to how life should progress. My mind is not ready to be laid down and made to rest. I have plenty left to do. Who are you all to tell me, I am expected to be through?

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