Are we Bound By Our Souls?

​Soulmate – the soul must first be defined. It is the subconscious, a powerful energy inside each and every living thing. It is the essential energy that can answer questions, sustain life, and create our individual worlds. It is what connects everyone and everything, one to the other. It is what is common to everything. It is the essence of living things. It is why we are all the same even though our outer shells may be different…its our equality. Our conscious thought is nested in our subconscious and designs the world we reside in. Healthy, happy, confident, compassionate, and loving thoughts produce that world around our being. On the contrary side is a world of fear, anxiety, hate, discrimination, and chaos. So the way we think co-creates our subconscious – what was intended mingled with what we choose to think about every and any thing.

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