Where o’ Where….


Throughout our whole life people, places, and things come and go. In nature it is much the same. But I ask, “where does it all go when it’s gone?”

One man’s garbage is another’s treasure, so it’s re-homed, yet still gone. A flower dies but another blooms again in spring, but for a time it’s gone. Snowfalls and rainstorms come and go. People enter our lives for however long and leave. Because we remember them, are they really gone?

Whatever it is, it always remains part of a memory even as the memory fades. People, places, or things that touch our lives are part of us in some sense or another for a lifetime. So is anything ever truly gone?

4 thoughts on “Where o’ Where….

  1. I love this idea that we live in the memory and impact we make on others. Reminds me of a book my sister loaned me called ‘staring at the sun’. It helped me make peace with mortality as a sense of purpose


  2. Very introspective! Matter cannot be either created or destroyed, right. Maybe just suspended in time, the way we see it. Thanks for the pensive post!


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