This prose comes at a time when mother nature wreaked havoc across the southern part of the nation. Winter storms albeit not so much of a wintery mixture, but those we usually attribute to spring storms, brought destruction to many states as rain, winds, and tornadoes left devastation and trauma in their wake. What is intriguing and disturbing is mother nature coinciding with human nature.

We are beginning a new year, inaugurated a new President, and endured a series of weather events which give rise to humanity’s glory. Yet in the midst of all of these monumental events, people disparaged all humanity stands for. Have we not discovered what rage creates?

Mother nature cleaned her house with a mighty force leaving a path of destruction. Her rage, however, creates a camaraderie between our fellow man. And at the same moments, we the people decide the best way to make our voice heard is to destroy with the same force of destruction, one against the other. Amazingly nature’s destruction demands us to rebuild and find strength in each other. While our personal form of destruction brings a divide among people weakening humanity.

A whisper is always heard louder than yelling. [We strain to hear a whisper so as to not miss something]  Isn’t that the way our voices should speak? If many people whispered together wouldn’t it become a loud voice? Humanity would strengthen in number and people would stop judging a book by its cover causing human devastation.

{I must interject that I do not want a political argument.  This is meant to be a debate on humanity. My political opinion is one where I couldn’t make a clear choice between constituents.}

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