Just a Tidbit

It’s been a while and there are no eloquent words spewing forth yet. The words seem to be tangled in the emotions and running around in a babbling configuration.

This holiday season is the first time in four that I have found myself completely alone. My kids occupy different continents and opposite sides of the United States. My best friend is now the angel in my heart and heaven. Although you may think the time is long, it seems like yesterday and forever to me since we were a family at home.

My life has moved forward in various ways, but learning to love being with only me…whew!, it’s much harder than I remember as a young adult.

A new home and a new job in an unfamiliar place where I know no one. The guts are present, but the glory is missing.

It’s a journey…

putting one foot in front of the other – I have gotten this. Words strung together to make sentences – well I will keep trying.

Good luck and peace in your journey!

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