Give Me My Moments

A snowstorm blanketed North Carolina this past weekend where you just had to prepare and resign yourself to a weekend at home. After a prayer asking for the heat to remain on or be quickly repaired, I settled in preparing for a possible three day weekend.

It snowed more in 24 hours than I have seen here in my entire two and one half years. It is untouched and beautiful at 6am Monday as I watch it turn to freezing rain. As I stood on my screened porch, it was crisp air in a quiet, still moment as I acknowledged the accuracy of the weather peoples’ forecasting. I turned knowing I could snuggle under my covers for a while longer that day.

I woke excited to do some baking and enjoying hallmark movies. To my relief the day was peaceful and the electricity stayed on at my home. However, the anxiety began to rise as I monitored the weather conditions attempting to create a plan of action to return to work the next day.

The plan began with unearthing my car from the mound of snow it was buried under. I knew deep down, my rear-wheel vehicle was not going out of the space it was nestled in unless there was maintenance done to our complex’s roads. But in determination I continued planning a departure in the morning.

I returned to the warmth of my apartment with my puppies as we snuggled onto the couch with dinner and movies until the clock struck bedtime. We retreated to our bed with visions of melting dancing in my head.

Tuesday morning as I stood outside once again on my porch I witnessed a similar scene, except for the few vehicles peeking out of the snow mounds and glistening ice. The visions I had of melting definitely neglected the overnight freezing temperatures.

I adapted my plan to a late start hoping the sun would fully come out. I wished for Mother nature’s assitance in blowing away the clouds so the sun could lend a helping hand in defrosting our winter wonderland. I watched as a couple of vehicles did begin to leave their spaces. This gave me some hope I could do it too.

I donned some warm clothes and headed out with the intent to creep my way into work. That plan quickly went awry as I found myself stuck in the road going in neither direction. This whole ordeal lasted about an hour as I wondered and panicked about how to rectify my situation.

In the panic, my thoughts quickly turned to memories of my knight coming to my rescue…only to grimly realize this time I would have to go it alone. I took my moment filled with tears grieving for another First. A concept I thought I had accomplished a couple years back. But no…another moment please.

I stood up dusting my thoughts away, called my complex’s office, and discovered they would send help my way. They arrived adding hope back into my day. Some time later my car was back nestled in its spot amongst the piled snow and I was resigned to yet another snow day at home.

Once inside I requested yet another moment…one of reflection, thankfulness, and pride. I graciously thought of memories past, thankful I had had a person who was always there to rescue me, and to thankfully acknowledge the saving Angels who came my way.

Oh just one more moment please….

For somewhere in the span of time, I discovered I can take my moments and with God’s grace I’ll be okay.

Humbly grateful!

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