Is Winter Coming To A Close

Dragonfly. Sm2019

I have been on hiatus in so many respects in life for a while now. In my lack of posting we know writing and photography are included. However, life has seemed to stand still in an uncomfortable slumber for the past two years.

Life would move along as it seemed to be changing and awakening. Then things and/or people would fall away again. I wondered if it would ever return to the way it was. My heart was saddened, but kept its hope.

Optimism is not always an easy task. I just take ‘my moment’ before latching onto it again. My mind chatter can be so infuriating as it spews thoughts from ages gone by. It has not learned that all thoughts are not pertinent to life today. Mind chatter wants what is familiar; truths no longer true or valuable. Please listen…I am no longer that person and these thoughts or beliefs no longer concern me.

As a winter storm finally moved across our area the tide changed. It is as if I am in an aligning cycle. The people seem different as they converse with me and I feel different. There is no anticipations in life and communication. It is, it happened, and the day was lighter; maybe even a little brighter. Maybe my long winter season is finally changing.

Whatever the case, I am back to writing and photographing a little. Even in these there are no expectations; just enjoyment. Could that be it? A step back to enjoying life as it is, on its terms.

As you read this post I hope you have an Enjoyable day.

2 thoughts on “Is Winter Coming To A Close

  1. I am happy for you that you are back to writing and photographing a little. I think that your idea of having no expectations, just enjoyment, is a positive way to go. Enjoying these moments, just being present with them as they happen, sounds good to me (in my humble opinion). I like the idea of just enjoying life as it is. I don’t know about you, but when I just go with the flow in my life, whatever that is at any given moment, I feel more at peace. Be well, my friend. ❤ Maureen C.


    1. I am getting excited…another resident in my complex told me tonite that the hawks circling is a sign of migration and mating here. He said we will begin to see large nests appear and the overpopulation of squirrels decrease. Right here, and I am already hoping for some okay photos. Oh how I wish I could afford a telephoto lens, but I will manage even if I get one great photo lol. My lesson in patience!!


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