Rain Showers

20150906_macro-lens-1st-use_0010Rap – tap, Pitter – pat, ping – ping…

The  rhythmic song of a spring rain.

Flowers stand taller, leaves lie flat,

In hopes of catching rain as it drops.

Animals perch, burrow, and rest.

Soothing is the song a rain shower sings.

Rap – tap, Pitter – pat, ping – ping…

The  rhythmic song of a spring rain.

The sun will shine in the ‘morrow,

Making nature’s colors a little brighter.

Birds will sing again only a little bit louder.

All giving thanks for a day a rain shower sang.

Rap – tap, Pitter – pat, ping – ping…

Encouraging life after the rhythmic song of each spring rain.


Tick Tock

​Tick tock; the clock races on…

Seasons change,

You grow older each day,

Sun rises and sets –

Time waits for no one.
Tick tock; time moves forward…

No matter what happens,

 No matter what you say,

Or how much you hurt –

Life continues around you.
Tick tock; scars begin forming…

Thoughts of yourself give rise,

 Tears cry silently in your heart,

You notice an occasional smile  –

Tick Tock, tick tock

You begin to march to your own beat.

Walk Out of the Shadows

You have walls, masks, and attitude…
You are strong but are weak,

You protect but are vulnerable,

You love but withhold,

You are courageous but fear.

All of you is a contradiction as you hide behind your shadow.

Don a mask so no eyes can see,

Become the comic relief making everyone else smile,

Act belligerent to keep any seriousness away.

You built your walls tall and impenetrable,

Surrounded by a mote of sorrow and pain,

Inside elixirs magically stop the torment,

Outside no sees the strength each breathe takes.

What darkness do you see?
What fears do you deny?

Why don’t you see the love we return?

Why can’t you see what we see…

Without you our world would become empty,

Our days would grow dark.

Speak for we will listen,

Reach out your hand and we will hold it,

Tear down your walls and together we will be amazed…

Walk out of the Shadows

Embrace your unique light.