Battle of the Seasons

As the signs of a winter storm are just memory, spring tries to push forth. But my dear, I do not think Winter is ready to leave just yet. You might be a little premature.

The seasons battle as they stand side by side trying to be victorious.

No signs of winter as the flowers stand back up to show off their color again.
The brown and drab of winter still stand their ground.
Buds open to bask in the sunshine.

A voice inside….


My first blogs begins….

I decided to start a blog because I want to document my journey of finding my true self and my passion. Who knows, maybe my words will help someone else travelling on their journey.

My soul yells for me to scribe as I once had. Maybe bring some wisdom from my years forth. Some moments only require a photo I took of something that grabbed my heart, speaking volumes more than words. Other times words overflow and the pages fill. Regardless of the genre, I have started this blog so that I can share whatever  speaks to the passion of the moments.

Over the course of writing, photographing, and sharing posts about my journey, my passions, and my creations I intend to enjoy and discover. You are welcome to follow along.