Never Ending


We are never at an ending…

We are always

Beginning something,

Learning something,

Dreaming something,

Creating something;

Even in death we are discovering our wings.



I am still here

I have been silent for a while dealing with life. During that time I wrote a short story in anticipation of entering a contest. However, the powers that be decided I wasn’t to do that right then. The submission did not go through and shredded the story into piecemeal, but I decided it needed to be written and shared regardless.

This is my first attempt at writing a story. The contest wrote the first and last paragraph requiring the writer to write 48 paragraphs to complete the story with no dialogue. I decided to follow the original instructions and post it here.

Once it is posted, I would be grateful to anyone who can offer constructive criticism. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I found pleasure in writing it.

A Creative Day

Just leaving a note…I have posted under my pages and I revised my site. There are more focused pages specific to the inspired creations. The pages are an expansion of my inspirations. Some days words just flow and other days a photo inspires me. Occasionally, one will inspire the other and passions collide into a composite which includes both [Synergism]! Enjoy!!!