Go Into The Night By Your Guiding Light

In the dark recesses of the mind are the answers and confusions. The truths hidden in the darkest shadows where life struggles to shine, whereas the confusions have light cast upon them readily available to be brought forth as truth in disguise. Our truths have been buried by words and experiences throughout our lives. We tend to see the light on the easiest path to attain; by being agreeable and malleable to what others say, what others expect, and the consequences of how we handle situations because of these.

It is our job to be sure we see the real truths and not those disguises. To question what we know in the silent moments of the night; a time when it is just ourselves and the world is sleeping. Search… search for you, let the light of your soul show you the truths and quiet the ego.


This prose comes at a time when mother nature wreaked havoc across the southern part of the nation. Winter storms albeit not so much of a wintery mixture, but those we usually attribute to spring storms, brought destruction to many states as rain, winds, and tornadoes left devastation and trauma in their wake. What is intriguing and disturbing is mother nature coinciding with human nature.

We are beginning a new year, inaugurated a new President, and endured a series of weather events which give rise to humanity’s glory. Yet in the midst of all of these monumental events, people disparaged all humanity stands for. Have we not discovered what rage creates?

Mother nature cleaned her house with a mighty force leaving a path of destruction. Her rage, however, creates a camaraderie between our fellow man. And at the same moments, we the people decide the best way to make our voice heard is to destroy with the same force of destruction, one against the other. Amazingly nature’s destruction demands us to rebuild and find strength in each other. While our personal form of destruction brings a divide among people weakening humanity.

A whisper is always heard louder than yelling. [We strain to hear a whisper so as to not miss something]  Isn’t that the way our voices should speak? If many people whispered together wouldn’t it become a loud voice? Humanity would strengthen in number and people would stop judging a book by its cover causing human devastation.

{I must interject that I do not want a political argument.  This is meant to be a debate on humanity. My political opinion is one where I couldn’t make a clear choice between constituents.}


Attempt or be Tempted


I am tempted…

 to lie in bed and never let the sun shine down on me,

 to never again look up to the heavens and wish upon a star,

 to waste away the days wishing I could once again hold  you,

 to forever wallow in self pity,

 to let life pass right on by.

But life is a tapestry

of what we have done,

of where we have been.

I must  attempt…

To live,

To love,

To remember the beauty your love brought to my life,

To show off the golden threads woven into my tapestry.

Crisscross Life


A year ticked off by seasons, seconds, minutes, hours, and days is either full or empty. A perception of the participant on the journey.

On my journey of 2016, I have dotted I’s and crossed T’s, came upon the proverbial crossroads, crossed into, crossed off, and circled back to the crossroads. It was a journey full of business, learning, adventure, sorrow, joy, friends, angels, hope, loss, mistakes, and discoveries.

As my life enters into 2017,  I hope I cross every bridge, I  make a choice at every crossroad, and enjoy my unique journey;

Life is a crisscrossing…

of good and bad,

of negative and positive,


of endings and beginnings.

Just A Little Hope


We hope a little every day about almost everything, it is human to be hopeful….hope for a job, health, wealth, success, love, family, a friend, a home,  etcetera. You get the idea; we as a human race  hope.

Hope is a vehicle that can propel us from one place to another. It can be that which sends us to depression. It is a definition, a perception, and/or a belief. How we act and react determines where hope takes us. We must understand we have a vision for hopes outcome and there are times hope is answered different than our predetermined plan. Our ability to accept the paths we are directed to or adapt with a new choice…a new hope…sends us too new heights or new depths.

So to everyone I HOPE we have minds open enough to accept hope however it takes shape in our lives. Happy New Year!

Own It and Let It Go


It rises from the ashes of the negative,

the negative emotions we hold within ourselves,

the thoughts turned belief that self-sabotage;

Hold them for your moment-

acknowledge them to be aware,

feel them to experience,

use them to learn,

and at the end of the moment set them free;

Allow your self to hold only the positive,

giving your soul a gift of peace and light,


you will mope through life, missing it’s beauty, opportunities,  and balance.