I am still here

I have been silent for a while dealing with life. During that time I wrote a short story in anticipation of entering a contest. However, the powers that be decided I wasn’t to do that right then. The submission did not go through and shredded the story into piecemeal, but I decided it needed to be written and shared regardless.

This is my first attempt at writing a story. The contest wrote the first and last paragraph requiring the writer to write 48 paragraphs to complete the story with no dialogue. I decided to follow the original instructions and post it here.

Once it is posted, I would be grateful to anyone who can offer constructive criticism. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I found pleasure in writing it.

A Creative Day

Just leaving a note…I have posted under my pages and I revised my site. There are more focused pages specific to the inspired creations. The pages are an expansion of my inspirations. Some days words just flow and other days a photo inspires me. Occasionally, one will inspire the other and passions collide into a composite which includes both [Synergism]! Enjoy!!!

Crisscross Life


A year ticked off by seasons, seconds, minutes, hours, and days is either full or empty. A perception of the participant on the journey.

On my journey of 2016, I have dotted I’s and crossed T’s, came upon the proverbial crossroads, crossed into, crossed off, and circled back to the crossroads. It was a journey full of business, learning, adventure, sorrow, joy, friends, angels, hope, loss, mistakes, and discoveries.

As my life enters into 2017,  I hope I cross every bridge, I  make a choice at every crossroad, and enjoy my unique journey;

Life is a crisscrossing…

of good and bad,

of negative and positive,


of endings and beginnings.

What’s  Inside Outside


What and who we are is what’s inside; the most interior part of our being. The deepest innermost part  constantly changing. We grow as we learn and experience, adding to or letting go of some things. Who I am has changed or is changing at an uncomfortable speed and amount since June 2015. The death of my husband, Pete, was a catalyst to the changes in my  life inside and out.

It may sound ridiculous to anyone who hasn’t experienced the loss of someone so much a daily part of your life; A person you expected to be with well into old age or a person your supposed to out live. Changes happen daily but some are on a subliminal level util trauma. I guess this would be relevant for any type of trauma. Your world upsets inside outside whether you want it or not.

It is in the past 19 months that I have actually felt and experienced changes ranging from the mundane , needed, and what the hell. I have experienced disliking things that once brought me peace or joy and the ridiculous (even my taste buds changed).  Strange, uncomfortable, faced pace changes I would never have consciously noticed before. All of this has me thinking, sometimes overthinking, about the ‘why’ things happen.

It is in these moments I decided I need to find my true north; the authentic person and purpose which is mine; the unique path I am to take that perhaps I wouldn’t have taken before. This new adventure brought me to a discovery of a Photoshop class at my local community college. I dove in head first in  mid 2016, and was very proud of my progress and completion. However, it was a short cycle of happiness in my new found knowledge until February 2017.

My new knowledge was labeled a ‘hobbie’ I had to file away for later while I put all my energy into finding a job. (A job I have not secured as of this writing). In my frustration and feeling of ‘not enough’, I decided to once again find a little peace in what I love. I pulled out my writing and photography in an attempt to make my passions collide by using what I had learned in my class. Well that is not how that worked out! I must have had more fog in my brain than I realized at the time I took the classes. I had only vague memory of the steps I needed to produce the beautifully creative ideas swimming in my mind. Thankfully I had printed each lesson the first go round!!

So now I am redoing the course on my own. As I promised when I started this blog, I am going to share this journey. I believe this is an integral part of my journey out of the ashes into my authentic self. I am not completely sure why, but regardless, the feeling is there and it is worthy of sharing. As a friend said, “it isn’t our age but our miles”, and these have been hard, bumpy miles with boulders and potholes in my path.



A voice inside….



My first blogs begins….

I decided to start a blog because I want to document my journey of finding my true self and my passion. Who knows, maybe my words will help someone else travelling on their journey.

My soul yells for me to scribe as I once had. Maybe bring some wisdom from my years forth. Some moments only require a photo I took of something that grabbed my heart, speaking volumes more than words. Other times words overflow and the pages fill. Regardless of the genre, I have started this blog so that I can share whatever  speaks to the passion of the moments.

Over the course of writing, photographing, and sharing posts about my journey, my passions, and my creations I intend to enjoy and discover. You are welcome to follow along.