I am still here

I have been silent for a while dealing with life. During that time I wrote a short story in anticipation of entering a contest. However, the powers that be decided I wasn’t to do that right then. The submission did not go through and shredded the story into piecemeal, but I decided it needed to be written and shared regardless.

This is my first attempt at writing a story. The contest wrote the first and last paragraph requiring the writer to write 48 paragraphs to complete the story with no dialogue. I decided to follow the original instructions and post it here.

Once it is posted, I would be grateful to anyone who can offer constructive criticism. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I found pleasure in writing it.

Believe The Imagination

Change is an endless flow of ending and beginning; Imagination fuels everything in between.

If you imagine — you can be something, you can do something, and hold onto that belief; the soul will open up allowing you to soar to limitless possibilities. If in the minds eye we envision positive things about ourselves and forever believe it to be true, we gain a mystical power against everything in life which could break us down.