Go Into The Night By Your Guiding Light

In the dark recesses of the mind are the answers and confusions. The truths hidden in the darkest shadows where life struggles to shine, whereas the confusions have light cast upon them readily available to be brought forth as truth in disguise. Our truths have been buried by words and experiences throughout our lives. We tend to see the light on the easiest path to attain; by being agreeable and malleable to what others say, what others expect, and the consequences of how we handle situations because of these.

It is our job to be sure we see the real truths and not those disguises. To question what we know in the silent moments of the night; a time when it is just ourselves and the world is sleeping. Search… search for you, let the light of your soul show you the truths and quiet the ego.


What We Are Capable Of

We are capable of many things.
I myself am capable of doing, thinking, and believing many things in a day.  I, as well as you, are capable of success, failures, making choices, making mistakes, falling down, and getting up. I am also capable of working myself up to frustration, being overwhelmed, and depressed. Have you ever heard, ‘you are capable of anything you put your mind too’?

At times I am so aware of this process that the thoughts about changing add to the frustrations. Simply put – I think too much! I have learned to walk and breathe in fresh air to clear my mind while grounding myself. I will meditate, in my own style, to a happy place. I strive to reach a place of utmost joy; A place where life is simpler, happier, clearer, and stable. I never gave a thought to how trying to rise from the depths to the stars in one jump could be my biggest failure.

You may not like the me of this moment but I must digress – it is the me for the moment, better than the moment before. You must take me at each step or leave me forever more. I must take a tiny step and choose to feel each emotion on my rise to true joy. I cannot skip all the emotions between the dark feelings and pure joy without understanding what lies between. I must choose to move up and meet them one at a time. It is in the process of feeling and understanding where I learn.

I am alive to experience all life offers. {It was never meant to always be easy or good.} Somewhere in the middle comes the experiences which build character. “On our journey, every little thing combines to create the greatest sum of our parts…I Am!… And I am capable.”